Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RailsConf 2012 - My Talk Slides

Here are the slides to my talks at RailsConf 2012.

It was nice meeting all of you at the conference. For those looking for a software development opportunity with self-growth potential, hit me up by email (last slide). Cheers!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Software Craftsmanship vs Software Engineering at The South Bend Software Craftsmanship (Apr 2012)

I am presenting on Software Craftsmanship vs Software Engineering at The South Bend Software Craftsmanship on April 17, 2012:


The recent emergence of the Software Craftsmanship movement in the last decade has been accompanied with quite a bit of confusion on what the movement is exactly about and whether it adds any value beyond previous software development movements, such as Agile and Software Engineering.

In this talk, Andy Maleh will define Software Craftsmanship, compare and contrast to Software Engineering, and provide actual examples on how both disciplines are playing out at the Groupon software development environment. At the end of the talk, attendees will be given a chance to ask questions and share their own insights on the topic.

Bio: Andy Maleh is a Software Engineer at Groupon who specializes in user needs analysis and building transformative software that meets ongoing demands. He leads by embracing agile practices and software craftsmanship in the process of perfecting Groupon's deal experience. He joined Groupon via Obtiva, where he served as a Senior Consultant for more than five years. Andy is also the Founder and Lead Developer of the Glimmer open source project for Desktop Development with Ruby. Andy holds an M.S. in Software Engineering from DePaul University in Chicago and a B.S. in Computer Science from McGill University (Montreal). Outside of Groupon walls, Andy plays the drums in indie rock venues and travels via Longboard when the Chicago weather permits.

The event is hosted at the Greenhouse at Innovation Park (Notre Dame). 1400 E. Angela Blvd., South Bend, IN, USA.