Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Online UML Creation with GenMyModel

As a software developer who collaborates often with other software developers, it sometimes gets tough to explain an idea well without resorting to some sort of visual aid. One such visual aid can be whiteboarding a UML diagram. This is often the Agile approach of drawing such diagrams, and it works quite well in person, but what do you do when you want to save a professional looking version of it in an online WIKI for later reference by other developers who join the team? Use a UML creation tool such as Visio or VisualParadigm. I've used the latter quite often to produce professional looking diagrams that I've used in software documentation, slide presentation, and blog diagrams. However, it comes with a heavy weight NetBeans based installation that takes a while to download and then later authorize with an account token. Enter GenMyModel, a new web application that is trying to change the game by providing an ultralight web interface for generating a UML diagram immediately on the fly, while providing image export, email sharing, and code generation features to boot.

Right now, supports UML Class Diagrams and UML Use Case Diagrams (partially). Here are examples of diagrams that I generated with it:

Order Class Diagram with State Design Pattern:

Event Management Use Case Diagram:

Soon, I expect them to support other diagrams, such as my favorites, UML Sequence Diagrams and UML Collaboration (Communication) Diagrams.

Check out in the mean time and give them your feedback on how to make their app better.

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rizqiya putra said...

nice share (y) ... how about sequence diagram... did you post it?

Annas "Andy" Maleh said...

Actually, they just added support for Activity Diagrams, but no support for Sequence or Communication (Collaboration) Diagrams yet. I plan to post a follow up on soon regarding Activity Diagrams.