Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ultra Light Wizard v0.0.6

Now includes basic Rails scaffolding with attributes as part of the work.


rails generate ultra_light_wizard:wizard Project steps:basic_info,project_detail,file_uploads,preview attributes:name:string,description:text,start_date:date,delivery_date:date step_alias:part


More on the way, I promise!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Ultra Light Wizard v0.0.5

We're getting near 0.1.0, but not quite there yet at 0.0.5:

Still, the gem has become much more useful at this point with form scaffolding and advanced navigation helpers implemented.

A few more things need to happen before we hit 0.1.0, and then automated tests need to be added before hitting 1.0.0

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ultra Light Wizard v0.0.2

Ultra Light Wizard v0.0.2 is OUT... with view navigation support (Previous/Next) and Rails helper generation.

Also, fixed issues with wizard step controller.

Enjoy testing and reporting feedback!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ultra Light Wizard v0.0.1

Ultra Light & Maintainable Rails Wizard was a solution pattern I came up with 3 years ago to facilitate creating Rails multi-step forms that adhere to REST, OO, MVC, and other software best practices.

The original blog post about it is over here:

And the RailsConf 2014 talk I gave about it in Chicago is here:

From talking to developers at our local Montreal.rb user group and interacting with different client developers, it seems that the pattern has caught on and is being put to good use, sometimes with the aid of the Rubygem Wicked.

Of course, given that the Ultra Light & Maintainable Rails Wizard approach simplifies development and maintenance of wizards immensely, it is not necessary for the many smart and responsible developers out there to have a library. After all, following the approach is supposed to yield a lighter-weight solution than using most libraries out there. Nevertheless, if it is possible to codify the pattern in a library that is light-weight enough and simple to use, then we may as well have one...

And two years after announcing the idea at RailsConf 2014 (and a few hours of work).... I finally have something to show!

Ultra Light Wizard v0.0.1:


Please install and use on your projects.

Stay tuned for more developments and enhancements and feel free to suggest ideas via comments.